I have more than 20 years of experience across multiple industries planning, designing, and managing current needs while strategically planning for future needs. This includes direct communications with all levels of corporate structure, managing internal teams of developers, external vendors, customer expectations, building roadmaps, project and change management, prioritization, quality control, testing, implementation, data cleaning and standardization, documentation, and training.

My multi-industry experience allows me to consider and develop solutions others don’t think about. This expertise has enabled me to manage current projects while concurrently building strategic roadmaps to identify, prepare, and develop future projects.

As a Manager, my goal is to teach and learn from fellow staff members and to enable them to excel in their professional and personal development.

My work philosophies are simple:

  1. Manage the present while planning for the future
  2. Proper planning prevents poor performance
  3. Mentor other staff to enable them to grow professionally and personally