About Me

I have more than 20 years of experience across multiple industries with ever-increasing responsibilities. This cross-industry expertise has taught me several valuable and indispensable traits. It taught me the ability to:

  • rapidly learn new systems and analyze their function and identify areas for improvement,
  • recognize patterns and solutions from one industry that can be adapted and applied in another,
  • effectively plan, design, and implement current company needs,
  • anticipate future company needs to plan for them proactively and strategically, and
  • summarize complex ideas and datasets into simple and effective messaging for any audience level or expertise of members of the public, legislative bodies, or internally to all levels of the company.

An example of rapidly learning new systems was when I was placed into a project that had been operating for a month and had a completion deadline of fewer than four weeks. I quickly reviewed the requirements and not only completed the project before the deadline, but I was also able to enhance my portion of the project making it more secure. This project received a client award for best ROI with savings of more than $5 million per year.

An example of utilizing solutions from one industry in another was using my knowledge gained from automating the data collection from medical instrument techniques to create an automated remote data collection system for a just-in-time ordering system and in other instances for managing the uptime of an award-winning fantasy sports website, and to auto collect data from several hundred animation rendering computers.

An example of anticipating future company needs to plan for them proactively and strategically is my work at ACE Scholarships. When I arrived, the expectation was to enhance data collection, reporting, and research. To accomplish this I proactively researched, prepared, planned, and implemented a project to centralize all company data into a data lake utilizing DOMO. This allowed my initial goals to be met while enabling future growth and capabilities for years to come. In addition to implementing the data lake, I built a data roadmap to plan research projects for the next decade, the ability for a complete data governance strategy, and better data privacy and security.

There are many examples of summarizing complex ideas and datasets into simple and effective messaging. One example to highlight was when I analyzed data to create infographics and presentations easily understand by the general public. This enabled a 300% increase in audience engagement along with a 500% increase in partner coalition and collaboration.

I have worked under very poor managers to great managers. I have learned lessons from each in what to do and what not to do. My goal as a manager is to teach and learn from my fellow staff members enabling them to excel in their professional and personal development.

My overall work philosophies are straightforward:

  1. Manage the present while planning for the future
  2. Proper planning prevents poor performance
  3. No task is beneath any employee at any level of a company
  4. Try to always hire someone that expertise in areas you or your team do not
  5. Don’t be afraid to hire someone that thinks differently than current team members
  6. Mentor staff to enable them to grow professionally and personally

Top 10 Career Achievements

  1. Built a strategic plan roadmap to centralize all company data into a data lake. This centralization allowed the creation of dashboards to enable self-service data access for internal and external stakeholders, data consistency for development, marketing, and external vendors, and a holistic view across data sources.
  2. Analyzed data to create KPI measures and infographics increasing marketing engagement by 300%.
  3. Instrumental in designing and developing a project that received a client award for best ROI with savings of more than $5 million per year.
  4. Increased partner coalition and collaboration by over 500%.
  5. Strategically planned a new hosting environment, redesigned processes to meet current and future business growth projections, and reduced execution times by up to 95%.
  6. Introduced a documentation system for Data Governance to ensure proper naming convention, process diagrams, backup and recovery strategies, software versioning, system operation consistency and loss prevention of institutional knowledge.
  7. Researched, designed, and implemented a website uptime system to handle more than 3,000,000 visitors per day during peak times.
  8. Created custom applications with integration into the main data system increasing productivity by more than 50% for property assessment staff.
  9. Automated and managed large quantity data loads, verification, standardization, collection, and statistical analysis into the existing company database from multiple data sources.
  10. Strategically planned, designed, and created a full-cycle animation tracking system.